K.I.T. is a tangible kit of everday objects that allows people to physically express and communicate their emotions with others, enabling deeper commmunication and connection among close relationships.


Exhibited at Made In Brunel, London UK. (June 9 + 10 2009)


The use of online social networks - such as Facebook and Twitter - connect us with “everyone” yet at the same time leads to a loss of intimate connections between close friendships and other relationships. While the nature of these networks facilitate surface level communication, K.I.T enables deeper communication through better expressing emotions. Emotion is important for everyday social interaction and brings value and life to communication. K.I.T is a set of interactive, tangible, objects that allow users to physically express their emotions. The users' emotions are shared on a visual online network that is private and represents emotional histories over time.
Our aim is to reconnect close relationships and provide better emotional health, support, and awareness.

The Tangible Kit

K.I.T. comes as a package of interactive, tangible everyday objects that can be placed around the home. There are seven emotions included in K.I.T, stressed, sad, angry, frustrated, happy, excited, and fine. Each emotion is matched to an object that can be used to physically express the emotion. For example, the stress ball is used to indicate a person is stressed, while bending the pencil expresses frustration. Matching physical action with their respective emotions allows people a natural, physical way to express, release and act on their emotions. The expressed emotions are then transferred to a private online network that is shared with close friends and family. Each user requires a K.I.T. package to participate.

Online Network

The online network visually displays and holds users’ emotional histories. Current online social networks are communication platforms that inform "everyone" on general topics such as "what are you doing today?” K.I.T. strives to establish a more intimate communication method to reconnect close relationships. This online network allows users to be aware of one another’s emotional states, and allows them to respond through written messages, voice messages and photos. Each user can also write or record their own message to accompany their current emotional state. Emotional histories are also available to be viewed, providing an interesting perspective on emotions over time.

Technologies used for this project: Arduino, Arduino lilypad, various sensors, and Flash.

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